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200 Units - The West End Phoenix, November 2021 Issue

Ontario Premier Doug Ford's Etobicoke North Riding hard hit by COVID-19 - HuffPost Canada

Montreal police's street checks disproportionately target people of colour - This Magazine

How Doug Ford’s legal-aid cuts will play out in his own riding - TVO

Putting Canadian Politics on the Map with Ethnic Media - Local News 2017 conference

Researchers urge journalists to examine who gets quoted in stories - J-Source

How Discourse Media is Addressing Reconciliation   - Ryerson Review

Consent in comedy is no laughing matter   - NOW Magazine

How to prioritize the safety of women on the TTC   - Spacing

Inside Out Reviews   - Shameless Magazine

Alternatives to sweatshop-made clothing   - Shameless, Issue 33

Beaded condoms from the Native Youth Sexual Health Centre   - Shameless, Issue 30

Cultivating Herstory   - Shameless, Issue 28

Sabrina Jaless makes us laugh   - Shameless, Issue 25

Dance, Dance Revolution - Bitch Magazine, Issue 55

The past is personal   - McGill Daily

Queer at a crossroads   - McGill Daily

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